Cut-back of American Walnut

Cut-back of American Walnut We love trees but sometimes they encroach on property and for safety reasons, must be cut back. Here, at the Joshua Tree, we’re experts in doing just that. Our friendly team safely reduced and cut-back this stunning American Walnut tree, ensuring its long-term health while removing unsightly and unsafe sections. Doing […]

Removal of Decaying Ash

Removal of decaying Ash From tree to table… 😊 Removing decaying trees from the landscape is an important part of our role as custodians of the countryside. We love trees, but ones that are decaying can be quite dangerous, so it is important to safely remove them, taking additional care to leave the surrounding area […]

Conifer Hedge Row

Conifer hedge row Here, at the Joshua Tree, we cater for all customers and all types of tree work. This includes maintaining the shape and style of hedges, and in this instance, a massive hedge that no picture does justice! We had previously reduced the height by approximately 40%, paying careful attention to not only […]

English Oak *Emergency Call Out*

English Oak *Emergency Call Out* Here at The Joshua Tree we had a one off call out for a huge 500 year old + English Oak tree that had fallen in the high winds. We was asked to restore as much of the wood as possible, so 99% of the tree was recycled at the clients […]

Eucalyptus Removal

Eucalyptus Removal A lovely sunny day up Colchester removing a Eucalyptus tree which unfortunately had outgrown its position. This tree had been reduced many times before growing double in size each time, causing subsidence to the house and a huge crack in the newly built brick wall The council granted us permission for a fell […]

Brown Oak – No Waste

Majestic Brown OAK – recycled The transformation of a 400-year-old Brown Oak, which fell into a pond at one of our sites in Potters Bar, Hertfordshire, illustrates not only the careful reuse of natural resources but also highlights the poignant reality of losing such ancient trees. Instead of simply chopping the wood for firewood, we […]

Cupressus Macrocarpa Removal

Cupressus Macrocarpa Removal Unfortunately we have to remove trees due to safety reasons. This large Monterey Cypress (cupressus macrocarpa) had a large scar located at the base of the tree which had been rotting for many years. There is a huge amount of weight within the canopy as previous tree surgeons had lifted every branch […]